Thematic exhibitions

Thematic exhibitions are chosen and organized by MAG to offer art lovers current topics. MAG coordinates these thematic exhibitions and collaborates with artists specialized in the field presented.

The thematic exhibitions of this 18th edition of MAG present:

The Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa: The Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa is a university institution created in 1943. It offers training in the field of plastic and graphic arts with the mission of training artists and promoting the seeks new techniques for the development of culture and the arts.
Currently, the Academy has seven Departments: Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Metal, Conservation-Restoration of Works of Art, Interior Architecture, Visual Communication, Photography and Design.

Windows of Ukraine: Every day we look out the window of Ukraine. We see suffering, ruined lives and destroyed cities.
Hundreds of stories that are all unique but now all similarly devastated.
These stories have faces and voices. It is important to continue to share this daily reality with the rest of the world.
At 5 a.m. local time on February 24, normal life, life without fear came to a violent end for the Ukrainian people.
This window is now open.

Wood sculptors: always very popular with the public, a selection of 6 artists presents very different techniques and artistic universes.
To meet absolutely: Alexandre Berlioz, Hugues Grammont, Jonathan Bernard, Yann Dumas.

Association Voir c’est Toucher:
To see “C’est Toucher”, the year 2022 marked the start of major work on the location of the sculpture park “L’arbre Musicien” at the foot of the Rocher de Valère in Sion. Panels revealing the entire story (seventeen stations) are installed all along the route, allowing visitors to discover the story as they walk without the works that are still missing interrupting it.

The Cinema area: organised for the first time at MAG, artistic short films will be presented and freely accessible to the visitors of the fair.
3 very different subjects:
a report on the installation of Geluck’s exhibition “Le Chat déambule” on the quays of Montreux (Loïc Saisselin)
a wildlife film on the wild animals of our regions (Claude Moreillon)
two short films in homage to Mieke Heybroek and Ulysse Plaud, two artists often presented at MAG, 4-handed sculptors and painters who recently passed away. ( Christian Rufi)

For more details regarding 2015 thematic exhibitions, please click here on the exhibition of your choice.

Thematic exhibitions 2016 – coming soon

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