Thematic exhibitions

Thematic exhibitions are chosen and organized by MAG to offer art lovers current topics. MAG coordinates these thematic exhibitions and collaborates with artists specialized in the field presented.

The thematic exhibitions of this 19th edition of MAG present:

6th European Biennial: Art and Mental Disability
The 6th edition of the European Biennial for Art and Mental Disability took place in Saint Tropez from 24 to 30 September 2023. The concept is to set up workshops in the plastic and performing arts within a fully artistic framework, rather than a therapeutic or occupational one.
The MAG Foundation is a partner for the second time, welcoming a group of artists who took part.

ISA workshop :
ISA is a social integration measure run by OSEO Valais, which aims to create social links through artistic practice.
42 participants benefit from this free framework, which can be adapted to each individual’s profile. Each participant develops a unique artistic practice that respects his or her own rhythm and personality.

Alfred Python: luminescent painting
“Stop for a moment! Look closely at these paintings! Look for them! Imagine! Feel … because right now, you’re already looking at what you can’t yet see…”

HelpUA is made up of a team of highly motivated people based in Switzerland. This team helps Ukrainians who are defending their right to freedom and those who have been forced to leave. Since February 2022, they have been helping to bridge the gap between those in need and those willing to help. Understanding real needs and constantly monitoring the situation helps us to remain relevant and effective.

Wood sculptors: always very popular with the public, a selection of 3 artists presents very different techniques and artistic universes.
To meet absolutely: Alexandre Berlioz, Hugues Grammont, Yann Dumas.

Improspections :
The duo formed by Alfio Origlio and Marc-Olivier Savoy oscillates between jazz, classical and improvisation. They are in search of a deep and contemplative sound universe where resonances and silences come together between the piano and the drums to create suspended, poetic, meditative and cinematic atmospheres.
In concert on Wednesday and Friday during the Vernissages.

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Thematic exhibitions 2016 – coming soon

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