Thematic exhibitions

Thematic exhibitions are chosen and organized by MAG to offer art lovers current topics. MAG coordinates these thematic exhibitions and collaborates with artists specialized in the field presented.

The 17th edition of MAG, despite the COVID 2020/2021 difficulties, is organizing a thematic exhibition on: the helical line – artistic DNA with the artist Jérome Leyre French sculptor. the exhibition will present several sculptures on this theme.

We will also welcome “favorites” associations which will present their goals but also their permanent link with art such as the Association Voir c’est Toucher or their one-off link as the Association of “des proches aidants” with the artist Véronique Mooser or even Association Swiss Lebanon Organization with the “artistic cows” project presented exclusively during MAG and sold to support Beirut seriously affected by the explosion of August 4, 2020.

For more details regarding 2015 thematic exhibitions, please click here on the exhibition of your choice.

Thematic exhibitions 2016 – coming soon

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